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wicked.haufe.io can do quite a lot of things, all with the focus on making your APIs easy to deploy and manage. You can read up on the feature list on this page. Missing a feature? We gladly accept pull requests on github.

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Who's behind it?

wicked.haufe.io was developed at Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG in beautiful Freiburg, Germany. Haufe is a great place to work at; you can find our developer blog at dev.haufe.com.

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The Code

We did mention wicked.haufe.io is open source, right? It's all on github, including guides on how to set it up to make it work for you. Missing guidelines? Have suggestions? File an issue or submit a pull request!

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APIops from the ground up! Developing and Deploying APIs the way it should be.

Most API Management solutions focus on a single deployment, where you usually are told to poke around at the live configuration. Do you really want to do that without a deployment pipeline? No? Thought so. wicked helps you automate deploying APIs, so you can build multiple deployments for test, staging, canary, production and more.

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Deploy it on any Docker host. Small footprint, fast setup.

The wicked kickstarter helps you in setting up the configuration for your API portal. You need to specify DNS names and provide an SSL certificate, but other than that, just provide your own content (APIs) and get going!

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Use your own pipelines. No need to adapt your processes.

Use your own build infrastructure to deploy your API portal; just inject your information via environment variables and a configuration repository, that's all there is to it to get to APIops!

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